Victoria is the founder of ‘A Touchy Subject’, a website for sexuality products and conversation about life after sexual function changes. She loves hosting free webinars on the latest research in this space. She is conducting her PhD research at RMIT University applying a ‘design thinking’ perspective to sexuality challenges faced after prostate cancer surgery. In 2015, Victoria co-founded the world’s first ‘sexuality and design’ course in an academic setting at RMIT University, featured in The Age and on The BBC. She is passionate about creating more options for people who want to understand and solve their sexuality challenges.

My work and research.

How did you end up specialising in sexual recovery?

I studied psychology at University College London (Psychology Bsc, Cognitive Sciences Msc). During my Masters degree I discovered a passion for applying psychology to the design of healthcare products.

I fell into researching sexual health products quite by accident.

One day, back in 2013, I was tinkering with a 3D printing machine in Cophenhagen, Denmark. 

3D printers are printers that print objects rather than paper. You create a 3D design on your computer, send it to the printer, and melted plastic is printed out of a pen in rows to create an object. 

I was interested in how 3D printers could affect human behaviour. What would happen if every person had their own 3D printer??

My open-minded Scandinavian design friends suggested I look to history. 

What have humans always done with every other piece of innovative technology...?

The Internet, DVDs, even electricity (for more on this, watch this talk I gave on the subject at a technology and design conference)

They were all driven by humans looking to solve their sexual challenges and needs first.

This led me on a fascinating journey to understand the intersection between design, psychology, sexuality, technology and health. 

What are you currently doing?

- I am doing my PhD on Design solutions for Sexual Rehabilitation and Prostate Cancer at RMIT University (current candidate)

- I co-founded the world's first Sexual Health Design studio in a university environment (featured in The Age and The BBC)

- I partnered with Urology Surgeon, Declan Murphy, to deliver a complementary consultation to his private radical prostatectomy patients at his practice, Cancer Specialists.