Book an appointment to create your tailored 4-week sexual recovery plan.

Who is this for?

This service helps people who have experienced sexual function changes or ongoing sexual function related challenges. 

They want options, strategies, frank conversation about what is going on, what this means for the future, and a plan going forward towards a life of sexual confidence and happy partnerships.  

Past clients include men after prostate cancer treatment wanting to optimise their erection recovery, women after menopause missing their libido, men with Peyronie's Disease wanting to have intercourse with their partner when injections and pills do not work.

What is the outcome?

My aim is for every client and partnership to leave with more clarity, confidence and certainty than when they walked in.

We will work towards creating a 4 week plan to establish positive sexual function rehabilitation habits (if appropriate) and activities that will move you towards your goals.

I take a pragmatic approach to sexual health and well-being. This means that we will keep asking "what is helpful" for your individual context, culture and goals.

I make no assumptions about what it is you are missing or what intimacy, pleasure and sexuality means to you.  You will leave with a plan we co-create together around the realities of your schedule and what you are hoping for. 

Where does this take place?

I work in a clinical setting, a private oncology practice opposite the Epworth Hospital on Bridge Road in Melbourne, Australia. This practice is called Cancer Specialists. I also conduct appointments via Skype. 

How much does this cost? Is there any rebate?

This appointment goes for one hour and costs $200. This includes email follow-up with your plan and extra resources.

I also check in after a fortnight to make sure we have designed the right plan for you. This service does not currently attract any medical rebate.

Please Note : If you are a private full-fare paying radical prostatectomy patient of Associate Professor Declan Murphy, you are entitled to one complementary appointment 4 weeks to 6 months post surgery. This can be arranged on the same day as a follow-up appointment with Declan.

Can my partner attend?

If you have a sexual partner I encourage you to attend together as a team. 

Are there a set number of appointments? 

There are no set number of appointments. Some people find one appointment unlocks the conversation, ideas and perspectives they needed to 'springboard' their process. I recommend booking a follow-up appointment one month to three months after the first appointment in order to reflect on strategies, progress and challenges.

In my experience, most individuals and partnerships gain most from four appointments spread out over 6 months. 

How do I make an appointment?

Appointments can be arranged by contacting the friendly reception desk at Cancer Specialists. Please call Monday to Friday (excluding Holidays) between 09:00 to 17:30.

Please telephone 03 9421 6425. Or email:


Please note : The appointment is conversation-based only. There are no clinical examinations or invasive procedures. I do not diagnose or prescribe. I will refer you onwards to a more appropriate healthcare professional is that is deemed necessary. There are many factors affecting the recovery of physical sexual function and the experience of pleasure and connection. Individual outcomes and journeys will likely differ in this regard.