So... you do this because YOU THINK you're really good at sex?

This is a big thing I always want to straighten out - I am not doing this because I decided one day I was some sort of 'sexpert' or 'sex guru' (and those two titles personally make my skin crawl). Sure, I have learnt personally what makes me tick along the way and how to learn what makes another person tick. That's an occupational perk. But it's like asking a hairdresser if they style hair because they've got a really good haircut. It doesn't matter, what matters is how they cut your hair. In the same way, I am fascinated by the strategies and approaches that help different people figure out their own intimacy portfolio and sexual life goals. I am dedicated to collecting and researching as many tools, facts, ideas, mindsets and techniques as possible in order to help others . 


Different approaches work for different people. For some people invoking dragons is their happy recipe to orgasmic bliss. Personally, I have a science background and I'm a design researcher. Therefore I lean towards approaches that are evidence-based and easily actionable into your current routine. As a personal value I am extremely stringent on what products I recommend. The sex toy industry is unregulated and I do not feel comfortable recommending anything unless I 100% understand every single ingredient the product is made of and how it was designed. 

On that topic... I've had some pretty disturbing experiences with supermarket LUBES and free buzzy things from showbags. Any advice on how to stop that from happening?

I spoke about this topic on two episodes of The Hook Up, Triple J's sex podcast. You can listen to a run down on how to choose toys here and how to choose lube here

Ultimately, my best advice for choosing body-safe quality products is to go with well known brand names. Here is a compiled list from rogue sex toy experimenter Dangerous Lily. 

Sex is f**king hilarious. Do you have anything funny and educational for me?

Why yes. Yes I do. I believe we currently learn more about sex through popular movies, YouTube clips and TV shows. I've lost count of the number of penis-owners I have spoken to who learnt to masturbate in socks thanks to American Pie (no one yet has owned up to trying the pie...)

Learn about female ejaculation by Funny or Die

Learn about pegging through Broad City. 

Learn about the female anatomy through Orange is the New Black.

Learn about Consent through Tea.

I hear you're also obsessed with Tech and Design, what does this have to do with sex?

What a great question! This.