Vacuum-Constriction Erection System
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When pills aren't working, injections sort of work, but you want something that is just going to work.

  • The best of every product component available in making an erection using vacuum and constriction technology. Sourced from different manufacturers from all corners of the planet. South Africa, China, California and Sydney. EXCLUSIVELY sold here. 
  • Three styles of instructions - emailed to you so you never lose them. Videos, PDF bullet points, FAQs answered by other Kit Users. 
  • 30 minute phone consultation (2 weeks after product delivery) to address any technical challenges and the 'bigger picture' to your sexual well-being and confidence. 

"Is this going to work for me?"
(free scheduled phone call with Victoria)

I think everyone has this question when they research a new option -- especially when it comes to problems we rarely discuss. 

Get in touch with me by simply filling in the email box below (don't worry, no spam, ever). I will send back one email arranging a time to have a quick phone call. I will ask what it is you are hoping for, and where you are now in your journey. We will take it from there. 



What is included?

The product components are non-invasive, and medical-grade. The Ferrari of every option. 

  • The VACURECT. This is an FDA-approved medical grade ‘vacuum erection device’.

  • Water-based lubricant. This creates a seal at the base of the cylinder.

  • 5 different sizes of VACURECT silicone erection rings. These can be used for rehabilitation, and to keep an erection.

  • 4 different sizes of separate silicone erection rings with handles. These are a different design, optimised for maintaining an erection (especially for ED induced by nerve damage).

  • One soft silicone opening. This is for extra comfort and to use the second ring set.

  • Dark blue unbranded drawstring bag. This is for ease of travel and storage.

  • One Year warranty.

We will schedule a 30 minute phone consultation to occur around 2 weeks after your product is delivered.

You will be emailed three different types of instructions :

- Video instructions about how each part of the system works.
- PDF bullet-point guide to the four ways you can use the device.
- Troubleshooting document created with the men who use this system regularly.


How does it work?

To create an erection in the cylinder :

  • You place the cylinder plus base over the penis (flaccid or semi-erect)

  • The cylinder is pressed tightly against the body forming a seal where minimal air can escape. This creates a vacuum.

  • You move the outer cylinder up and down slowly to remove the air.

  • The suction effect of the vacuum draws the penis further up and wider, drawing blood into the spongy internal chambers of the penis.

  • This creates an erection.

  • You use a finger or two to break the seal at the base of the cylinder to let down the erection, or simply remove the cylinder from the base.

To keep the erection you make in the cylinder :

  • In this case, after the erection is created in the cylinder, you use one of the constriction ring systems provided in this kit.

  • You will probably need to try a few different sized rings and ways of using the system in order to find what works for you.


Who is this for?

This is for men (single or partnered) who want to use Vacuum technology to create an erection, then keep that erection.

They want something that isn't going to be too confronting or difficult to get going with. Something that doesn't take much time to get going. Something they can use in combination with viagra/cialis or injections if they want to. Something they can easily travel with (without breaking a sweat). Something easy to clean, no bulky heavy battery packs or hose attachments.  

I designed this system with clients who were experiencing erection difficulties. They were usually wanting two things. An easy way to keep their penis stretched and active to avoid shrinkage or structural changes that can occur when left dormant. And a way to experiencing penetrative intercourse again when they wanted to.

I have had prostate removal surgery (prostatectomy) when can I start to use this kit?

Current clinical recommendations for sexual rehabilitation after prostate removal surgery advise beginning a form of 'penile rehabilitation' as soon as possible after erectile challenges begin in order to facilitate blood flow to the penile tissue (Salonia et al., 2017). In my consulting experience, 4 weeks to 3 months after radical prostatectomy is a good time to begin. However, everyone is different. You need to listen to your own body and please ask your urologist first. 

I am experiencing incontinence, is it safe to use this device?

It is safe to use a vacuum erection device with incontinence. The Troubleshooting guide that comes with the kit will give you tips on using this system when you experience leakage.

Who is this not suited to?

If you are expecting this to be a 'silver bullet fix' to all sexual challenges you are experiencing, you will be disappointed. This system is designed for you to be able to create an engorged erection in the vacuum cylinder, and then be able to keep that erection using a constriction device. During the phone call consultation we can discuss other sexuality challenges you are experiencing. 

This erection will unlikely be the same kind of erection you used to have spontaneously. Vacuum constriction systems work by 'pulling' blood into both the veins and arteries within the penis. This can make for a very engorged penis, but it may not have the same 'stiff' feeling or be at an upright angle. To create an erection manually that has more in common with a spontaneous erection, you are honestly more likely to get that by trying the injection route. 

Keep in mind that many men use a vacuum constriction system in combination with injections to 'fill it out'. So say you are getting a 7/10 erection with injections, adding a couple of 'pumps' of  VED plus a constriction ring can create a 10/10 erection.


What is the outcome of this system?

Here are the most common feelings my customers tell me :

  • Relief : Relief that they can create an erection whenever they want. They can see it. They can experience the kind of solo and partnered pleasure they used to have. Also relief that they have a method of 'exercise'. A 10 minute way to replace nocturnal erections and keep the penis stretched to avoid shrinking.

  • Confidence : During the phone consultation after 2 weeks, we often address sexual confidence. It is different for everyone and we will work on specifically what is getting between you and feeling confident. 
  • Connection : In my experience, couples are often overjoyed when they have found a way to experience intercourse again if that was the main part of their sexual repertoire. It can also be a very connective experience to work out how to use this system as a Team and I encourage those with partners to take on this adventure together. 


What if this doesn’t work?

I am not in the business of providing yet another disappointment. I bet you've already tried a few things that haven't worked and that's why you're asking this question.

This system is designed to create an erection for rehabilitation using vacuum, and then keep that erection (if desired) using constriction. If this does not occur after a month of trialing the product and after our phone call consultation, you will receive a full refund and guidance on next steps forward. 

Please note before purchasing, if you currently do not get spontaneous erections, the erection that the vacuum and constriction system creates is likely to be different to the erection you will have in mind.

Differences my customers report include more engorgement with blood, less stiffness or rigidness than they used to have, an erection that 'hangs down' rather than 'stands up' (this is medically called 'the hinge effect' and occurs because the root of the penis does not engorge with blood with this method). The erection can feel different, sometimes more sensitive, or cooler, it may have a purplish tinge due to the constriction effect.

Everyone is different however and most of my customers report that the erection changes over time as they get used to the system, it also depends on the cause of your erection difficulties and other factors such as arousal and stress levels when using the device (this is why the phone call is important to address these factors too). 

The product is also supplied with a one-year warranty for any defects in manufacture.

Please contact us by email or phone as soon as possible if:

  • Your goods arrive damaged.

  • If you believe there is a manufacturing fault evident during your one-year warranty.

  • If you are having difficulties using this product. Often a few tweaks to technique can make a big difference. 


How is this product delivered, and can I pick it up?

  • This product can be shipped only to Australia.

  • We ship via Australia Post and the cost is currently $16 (this is added at checkout).

  • Please contact us if you have special shipping requirements. There is also the option to leave a special note at the check-out.

  • The parcel arrives in an unmarked Oz Post satchel and does not have the product name on the outer packaging.


Can I claim any of this back on private health insurance?

This is a medical-grade device and your health fund may cover some of the costs of this purchase. Every fund tends to be different though so we cannot make any promises. Instead, we will give you the best possible advice on how to claim. The first recommendation is that you also ask your doctor (GP or Urologist) for a script for a Medical-grade VED. For more information on this process please email Victoria ( 


10. Disclaimer

Before purchasing, please ask your urologist or healthcare provider whether a vacuum erection device is right for you. Nothing stated here should be interpreted as medical advice replacing the advice of your healthcare provider. In particular, those with the following medical conditions should consult their physician before use:

- Decreased sensation or pain in the area of the penis

- Peyronie’s Disease (Men with PD have found this VED system effective, however every case of PD is different depending on where the bend occurs, therefore please ask your urologist about this option before purchasing).

- Priapism

- Sickle Cell Anemia

- Abnormal blood clotting

- The use of blood thinning medication such as Warfarin