Vacuum-Constriction Erection System

Vacuum-Constriction Erection System


What is included?

THE KIT : The best of each product from different manufacturers.

  • Ferrari of medical-grade VEDs: The VACURECT. This is an FDA approved ‘vacuum erection device’.

  • Water-based lubricant. This creates a seal at the base of the cylinder.

  • 5 different sizes of VACURECT silicone erection rings. These can be used for rehabilitation, and to keep an erection.

  • 4 different sizes of separate silicone erection rings with handles. These are a different design, optimised for maintaining an erection

  • One soft silicone opening. This is for extra comfort.

  • Dark blue unbranded drawstring bag. This is for ease of travel and storage.

  • VACURECT written instructions. This includes one year warranty policy.


30 minute phone consultation.

Video and PDF emailed instructions.

What if this product breaks or it doesn’t work for me?

The product is supplied with a one-year warranty for defects in manufacture.

Please contact us as soon as possible if:

  • Your goods arrive damage.

  • If you believe there is a manufacturing fault evident during your 12-month warranty.

    We will offer a full refund if after one month of using the product and after the phone consultation it is not working for you.

How is this product delivered, and can I pick it up?

  • You may pick up the Product Kit at Cancer Specialists (shipping still applies). Otherwise, the Kit is shipped to your address.

  • This product can be shipped only to Australia.

  • We ship via Australia Post and the cost is currently $16 (this is added at checkout). The products arrive in two separate unmarked post bags. They take 3-5 business days to arrive.

  • Please contact us if you have special shipping requirements. There is also the option to leave a special note at the check-out.

  • The parcels arrive in unmarked Oz Post satchels and do not have the product name on the outer packaging

Can I claim any of this back on private health insurance?

There is the potential that your health fund may cover some of the costs of this purchase. The Vacurect system is a medical grade FDA-approved product. You will receive a certificate verifying this is a medical grade product along with your invoice to submit with a claim. It is recommended you also ask your doctor for a script. Sometimes having a script prescribing a vacuum erection device can help with the process.


Before purchasing, please ask your urologist or healthcare provider whether a vacuum erection device is right for you. Nothing stated here should be interpreted as medical advice replacing the advice of your healthcare provider.

In particular, those with the following medical conditions should consult their physician before use:

- Decreased sensation or pain in the area of the penis

- Peyronie’s Disease

- Priapism

- Sickle Cell Anemia

- Abnormal blood clotting

- The use of blood thinning medication such as Warfarin

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