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Erection Rehabilitation : The 5 minute system.

Erection Rehabilitation : The 5 minute system.


Why would you use a Vacuum Erection Device : ‘VED’?

Two main purposes.

  1. Rehabilitation and Exercise : when you no longer have nocturnal erections (especially common after prostate cancer treatment)

“My urologist told me the penis is like any other muscle in the body - if you don’t use it, you lose it. After prostate cancer surgery I needed to do this to keep the blood flowing”

“The old boy isn’t exercising himself anymore during the night, so I have to do something about it myself to keep the tissue healthy”

2. Pleasure and Connection : when arousal does not lead to spontaneous erections.

“My partner and I have one mission in mind, make an erection good enough for intercourse. We’ve tried pills, injections, some weird smelling herbs, nothing has worked. I’ve heard this device can do the trick”

What is a vacuum erection device and how do you use it?

These instructions apply for rehabilitation with the VACURECT device sold in this kit.

  • You place the cylinder over the penis

  • The cylinder is pressed tightly against the body forming a seal where minimal air can escape. This creates a partial vacuum.

  • You move the outer cylinder up and down slowly to remove the air.

  • The suction effect of the vacuum draws the penis further up and wider, drawing blood into the spongy internal chambers of the penis.

  • This creates an erection.

  • You use a finger or two to break the seal at the base of the cylinder to let down the erection.

  • You then repeat the process, drawing blood in then letting it return.

  • In total, this process takes about 15 minutes from preparation to finish.

You do not need to be aroused to do this process. The intention is to prevent the penis tissue becoming fibrotic and irreversibly damaged (that is what is meant by the phrase “if you don’t use it, you lose it”).

When your Doctor says it’s OK to do so, you can also use this device in the same way to maintain the erection for pleasure.

In this case you use the constriction ring system provided in this kit. This kit comes with two separate constriction systems because everyone is different. You will probably need to try a few different sized rings and ways of using the system in order to find what works for you.

Why do you recommend and supply the VACURECT?

I sourced several pumps from Australia and overseas. As well as feedback from other patients, I used one brave test couple who were willing to give everything a go to create erections after prostatectomy. They knew they had to do regular erection rehabilitation and they also wanted to have penetrative sex again if they could. It had been an important part of their life, which they missed. Pills didn’t work, injections didn’t work, they were told a surgical penile implant was the only place to go next.

Luckily a second opinion from another urologist put them on the path to using a better pump, plus a different drug regime.

They tried each of the pumps over several months (one was rejected after one use!), and while all pumps create some degree of vacuum, a clear favourite emerged, the VACURECT, which is therefore the only pump product I will supply at this time.

  • Because of a unique slide action, it is the smallest, and can be discretely used under the sheets. Some pumps are huge and look like firefighting gear! Others had heavy pump units on top, making it hard to maintain a seal

  • The base is not too wide, minimising the risk of sucking up a testicle, “agonisingly painful” this couple reported, and happened twice with one evaluation pump

  • There are no preparation steps to get started, just apply a flange and some water-based lubricant (supplied with the device) and away you go.

  • It is very easy to wash completely, all other pumps the couple tested had a pump, piston or bulb that may or not be washable and can collect contaminants

  • Components are robust and designed to last for a long time. There is a one year warranty provided with the VACURECT device. One other product failed the couple on first use and had no return policy.

  • Can be used to some degree one handed, once a good seal is created.

  • The discrete design and easy use makes it a good aid for foreplay.

  • Constriction rings of various sizes are included

  • Other constriction devices and flanges the couple tested can also be used with this product to tailor the experience for your needs

The VACURECT is FDA approved in the USA and must be operated according to the instructions and as advised by your Doctor or other medical professional.

What is included?

  • The VACURECT cylinder system.

  • Water-based lubricant to help create a seal at the base of the cylinder and minimise sticking.

  • 5 different sized VACURECT silicone erection rings.

  • 4 different sized silicone erection rings with handles. A different material and constriction feeling.

  • One soft silicone opening for extra comfort if required.

  • Silicone-oil for maintenance of the product.

  • A dark blue unbranded drawstring bag for ease of travel and storage.

  • VACURECT instructions.

What if this product breaks or it doesn’t work for me?

The product is supplied with a one-year warranty for defects in manufacture.

Apart from any rights you have under Consumer Law in Australia, we are otherwise unable to offer any return/refund for opened or used products

Please contact us as soon as possible if:

  • Your goods arrive damage.

  • If you believe there is a manufacturing fault evident during your 12-month warranty.

  • If you are having difficulties using this product.


  • This product can be shipped only to Australia.

  • We ship via Australia Post and the cost is currently $16 (added at checkout).

  • Please contact us if you have special shipping requirements. There is also the option to leave a special note at the check-out.

  • The parcel arrives in an unmarked Oz Post satchel and does not have the product name on the outer packaging.


Before purchasing, please ask your urologist or healthcare provider whether a vacuum erection device is right for you. Nothing stated here should be interpreted as medical advice replacing the advice of your healthcare provider.

In particular, those with the following medical conditions should consult their physician before use:

- Decreased sensation or pain in the area of the penis

- Peyronie’s Disease

- Priapism

- Sickle Cell Anemia

- Abnormal blood clotting

- The use of blood thinning medication such as Warfarin

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