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Your sexual function has changed. Recovery has not been straight forward.

You've tried clinical treatments. The pills. The injections. The creams. 

Nobody gets how disappointing, frustrating, lonely and hopeless this can feel. 

What do I do differently? 

When the problem is biological, then the solution is in the doctor or nurse's office.

But sexuality is more than biology.

And sexual confidence and pleasure is more than 'function'.

Let's work on the whole equation. 

You can feel confident and connected again.

You can have a fulfilling sex life, even when function has changed.

There are always options. There is always hope.

Please read my clients' stories to learn more.

The Details : 

  • My clinical rooms are at 'Cancer Specialists'. Level 1, 84, Bridge Road, Richmond, Melbourne. 
  • Easy free car parking and transport (directions sent after booking).
  • Conversation only. No physical examinations.
  • 50 minutes. 
  • $200. This service currently does not attract a medical rebate. 
  • Make an appointment by calling reception : 03 9421 6425.

Medical-grade Vacuum Erection Device (plus attachments and coaching).


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When pills and injections are not working (/hit and miss). 
Without nocturnal erections, it's a good idea to do some manual exercise instead.
And you know what, maybe you just miss having an erection! 

These are all good reasons why men consider a Vacuum Erection Device (VED). It can be used for regular stretching to avoid shrinkage and structural damage (in the case of no nocturnal erections). It's non-invasive and easy to travel with. It can be used in combination with injections, viagra or on it's own. It's a one off purchase for life.

But one Google search alone gives you an overwhelming sea of odd fire hydrant looking gadgets. And if you are looking to invest in a medical-grade device - how do you know it's going to 'work' for you before spending the top dollars? 

Many clients I spoke to were in this position. This isn't like buying a television. It's tricky to know what reviews to trust... or to casually ask a friend what he uses over tennis.

How was this system designed?

So in order to find the best recommendation for my clients, with the help of some brave and willing couple volunteers, I went on a research adventure.

I knew from initial interviews with past VED users that it had to be intuitive to use, the instructions needed to be clear and easy to digest, it had to be medical-grade, discreet looking for airport security and children-live-at-home reasons, and most importantly actually work when the other options (pills and injections) did not.

I sent every device on the market to my brave and willing clients. Here is what we learnt :

  •  The VED that came out on top was one developed in South Africa in the 1990s by a creative engineer who himself had erectile dysfunction. It is called the Vacurect. It is medical-grade and FDA approved in America. It works differently to every other device on the market.
  •  However... we realised that this system worked differently for every single person. Some needed extra technical components. A second set of rings I found from a Chinese manufacturer to keep the erection created in the cylinder. A silicone-opening some needed for extra comfort from a Californian company. A silicone-based lubricant for enjoyment, developed by an entrepreneurial gentleman who lives on a boat in Sydney.
  •  But the real secret source? A follow-up phone call to brainstorm any tweaks and adjustments.  With any VED kit we tried, there was a period of experimentation, adjustment and perseverance to make it work. Like starting a new Sport, a technical coach can make a big difference to outcome.

What do I get with this solution?

The 10 minute Erection Creation System is a range of products from different manufacturers, includes video and written instructions, and a follow-up phone call to iron out any technical difficulties. This is sold exclusively here purchased through the website (below).

If after 8 attempts and the phone call it isn't working for you, you will get a full refund.


Well, many of my clients have experienced a string of disappointments in this department before they come to me. I believe fully in this solution but I am not in the business of adding another disappointment to the pile if it doesn't work out for you.

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