Victoria was recommended to me by my post prostate operation contact nurse shortly after I had the robotic procedure to remove my prostate. At the time I was struggling with the post-operation erection recovery issues that come with the removal of the prostate gland.

There were times when I would have dropped rehab because of issues with poor results, difficulties in getting rehab equipment to work effectively for me or just the repetitious nature of the rehab program. Having Victoria to bounce results off, discuss the next direction I should take, obtain advice from and discuss issues with, was the reason I continued.

At my age (70 years) the research indicated that the chances of recovery of full erection function was somewhere between 30% and 60% within a 2 to 4 year time frame.

I recovered erection function well inside 12 months.

As a man I found it a very a difficult subject to discuss openly with anyone, Victoria managed to break those walls down so that I had someone to talk to. She gave me the hope and confidence to continue in what is an extremely difficult time. Victoria has made the journey easy, positive and given hope even when it seemed hopeless.
— 70 year old, post radical prostatectomy (unilateral nerve sparring)
I had a radical prostatectomy in early May 2017. Initial recovery was fairly brutal physically, and I was initially focussed just on the cancer removal, and subsequent recuperation.

After about 8 weeks though, as my physical status returned, I found that parts of me were missing : the lack of erections was making me feel not myself.

I was uneasy, unbalanced, and my usual response to my wife was just not there, in the physical sense. I felt truly lost. It was like a friend that was no longer returning your calls, or in actuality hanging up on you!

It really made me feel unwell, despondant, and ultimately depressed.

I just honestly didn’t feel like a man.

I think that as men we like to think we are always prepared for those 2 cliche things : love and war. And not having a physical response to intimacy was very disturbing and unnatural to me. I felt very alone, and ... broken.

On recommendation from my nurse in Brisbane, I arranged a Skype call with Victoria.

Victoria was wonderful and understanding (I wasn’t sure people could understand what I was going through), and gave me hope that this is natural and recovery can indeed be successful with time, planning, and effort.

I am slowly getting my head around this being possibly a long term recovery process, and that ultimately, the result may be the same as it is now.

But it is something to pursue and as a man dig deep to follow and wait: that I may feel whole again one day, regardless of the result.
— 47 years old, post radical prostatectomy.
I do not know where we would be if we had not had our consultations with you Victoria - probably where sadly so many couples faced with this dreadful disease are! Wives who no longer have any form of sexual activity with their husbands. Husbands who are going through terrible de-masculinity issues and cannot communicate with their wives... 

With your guidance and support, we have built a new stronger sexual relationship and although it is different from the past, we have been on this journey together and feel closer and care even more about how each of us feel than before.
— Partner of prostate cancer patient, 56 years old
My husband and I met Victoria to discuss a subject that has always been somewhat taboo in our cultures, so not something we openly discuss. She made it seem natural and soon the conversation was flowing. Her passion for the subject and thorough knowledge is impressive. She is very bright, animated lady and it was an absolute pleasure being in her company and relaxing into a conversation that can be somewhat socially awkward.
— Newly engaged couple with sexuality challenges
My session with Victoria over-delivered on my expectations and helped me tremendously on my journey to finding a healthy and fulfilling sexual life.

I felt that the services Victoria provided definitely filled a gap in the medical treatment I was receiving for a condition that affected my sex life and that had created a lot of anxiety around my sexuality.

She created an incredibly safe and non-judgmental space for me to express the issues I was facing and helped me create a very concrete strategy to get where I wanted to be.

I felt and still feel very supported in my ongoing journey through her regular follow ups and check ups. I wish I’d found her earlier on and highly recommend her services to anyone who is willing to improve or achieve sexual wellbeing!
— female, 20s, chronic thrush

In this video, Heather and Martin talk about seeing Victoria to re-navigate their sex life post prostatectomy.