sexual function specialist

Hello, I'm Victoria. 

Many life events, such as prostate cancer, alter sexual function.

When this happens it can be challenging to know what options are available and what to do next.

I can help.


I work with people who value their sexuality.

Whenever something we value is compromised this can be devastating and impact the rest of our health and well-being.

Therefore it makes sense to want to know what is happening, what the options are to do something about it, and where to begin.

When sexual functioning changes however, it can be difficult to access the necessary research, tools and support. Sexuality complex and individual and therefore requires a tailored approach. 

I offer strategic consultations to help people optimise their sexual health goals.

My underlying principles are to :
- Educate based on peer-reviewed clinical literature.
- Offer practical and varied options specific to my client's goals, values and situation.
- Help my clients access these options easily and discreetly. 
- Listen with compassion and without judgement.
- Support continuously along the journey. 

Ultimately, you are in the driver's seat. I help you draw the map, give you a compass and check in on your journey.