intimacy consultant (Msc) & Researcher (PHD)

Intimate solutions, no awkwardness.

Products and strategies customised to you. No shops, appointments or waiting rooms.  


Victoria Cullen.

Intimacy Consultant (Msc) & Researcher (PhD)

Victoria Cullen is a multi-disciplinary consultant, counsellor (Psychology, Bsc, Msc) and researcher (Sexual Rehab Design, PhD candidate).

She helps people 'get their mojo back' after events such as prostate cancer treatment and menopause.

Her practice specialises in frank conversations and practical strategies to help people thrive through more confident and connected physical intimacy. 

Her PhD research focuses on the design of solutions for sexual and penile rehab post prostate cancer treatment.

She co-founded the World's First Academic "Sex-Design" Course.

Intimate relationships are fundamental to human health and happiness. Nobody dies wishing they'd worked more, but many die wishing they'd loved more. However, there is not the same emphasis placed upon connection, intimacy and relationships in society.

Where are the tools, approaches and ongoing education to help us achieve what matters most in life? 


Safe space, frank conversation.

Feel confidence and relief around your relationship changes.

This is a private, professional session in a neutral setting. We explore what intimacy means to you and how you can confidently achieve that. This is especially helpful for people re-navigating their sexuality after physiological changes (such as prostatectomy).